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Tournament Structure

Tournam Structurent

There are a number of different factors that determine the tournament structure that will be used. Some of these factors are facility size, number of teams registered, number of divisions, and more. The tournament organizer will determine what format will best work for the event they are running. Specific tournament format information will be posted under the details section of specific tournament pages. Formats are also subject to change without notification. 

All leagues will play by the official 2023 USAR rules. CLICK HERE​ to see the full rules. 

Schedules: All schedules will be shared by 11 pm two days prior to the tournament. If they are not, they are a work in progress and will be soon. 

Facility Use: Players are expected to treat the facility with respect. Any player or team who causes Roundnet Alberta to get a complaint may be removed from the league and subject to a $100 fine

Players are expected to participate in Roundnet Alberta events in a respectful manner. We encourage competition, but this should not occur at the expense of others enjoying their experience. Roundnet Alberta reserves the right to remove players from a facility or tournament if they are involved with any of the following acts towards coordinators, facility staff, players or spectators:

  • Swearing directly at another player or the Coordinator.

  • Intentionally pushing, shoving or making physical contact with another player or Coordinator.

  • Instigating/retaliating in an altercation

  • Displaying disrespectful or threatening behavior

If a player is ejected from a game due to unsportsmanlike play, they must vacate the facility immediately, ​inclusive of the parking lot. 


The use of substitutes or registration of a team larger than 2 will be left up to the tournament organizer. If you are interested in registering a team larger than 2 or require the use of substitutes please contact your tournament organizer with as much notice as possible. 



A default occurs when, at the scheduled game start time, a team has fewer than the minimum amount of required players and an official game cannot be played.

To determine how defaults are applied to late teams, please see below.

  • If a team is not at the facility at the start of the match, the team automatically defaults the first game.

  • The team then has 10 minutes to arrive at the facility to avoid defaulting the second game. If the team arrives within that time period, they can play the second and third game (time permitting), accepting a default loss for the first game.

  • If a team fails to arrive by 10 minutes past the match start time, the team will automatically default the second game, and therefore, default the entire match

  • Default scores will go in as 0-21 for each defaulted game. 

The same rules apply to the second match.

The tournament coordinator will consider and look at all defaults on a case by case basis. We do understand that there can be extenuating circumstances and will do our best to work with everyone. 



Tournaments will play in almost all weather conditions. Please be prepared to play regardless of the weather. With that being said player safety is always a top priority. Tournament directors will make decisions on extreme conditions. This could result in shortened game length, postpone or delay of game play, or cancellation of the event. 


Extreme Weather Conditions


Thunder and Lightning

  • If you hear thunder (or see lightning), captains should make a decision to pause / delay the game and move off of the playfield to a safe location (vehicles)

  • Players need to wait 20-minutes to allow the thunder / lightning a chance to pass before calling the game off

  • If conditions become playable again within 20-minutes, the game should be resumed and played within the original booking time

    • If at least half the game was played, the score will stand

    • If less than half the game was played, the score will be entered as a tie.

Air Quality

  • Roundnet Alberta will call games ‘OFF’ anytime that the Air Quality Health Index is at or above a rating of 10 at the time the weather call / update is due to be made

  • At this level the Government of Canada encourages the general population to "reduce or re-schedule strenuous activities outdoors”

  • Roundnet Alberta understands that some players are more at-risk than others due to poor air quality, and encourages any player in the at-risk population to find a sub or contact the league coordinator for assistance on days where the index is at 7 or above

One-off extreme weather conditions (e.g. flooding)

  • Will be handled on a case by case basis

  • Roundnet Alberta will monitor the situation, making the best decision possible and communicate with the teams in a timely manner. 



Teams/Individuals are expected to read the division descriptions and place themselves in the most appropriate division. If players are unsure of which division to register for, they are encouraged to contract the Tournament Director for advice.

Divisions offered are based on the experience and skill level of a team - not on a team's competitive behavior.

Possible Divisions to be offered

  • Open: teams of all gender combinations welcome (Men, women, coed, young and old

    • Beginner 2.0:​ Playing in your first roundnet tournament? Still mastering the fundamentals? If you want to play against other teams who are still learning the sport, this division is for you. It will be the only division with a "gentleman's serve" rule and the vibe will be a fun, relaxed environment.

    • Intermediate 3.0: If you are newer or still honing your skills, this is the division for you. It is intended for people who want some competition, but are still developing their game.

    • Advanced 4.0:  This division is for those teams that have refined skills but are not ready to compete to compete for Premier. *Played with the No Hit Zone*

  • Women's Advanced 4.0: Women are welcome to play in any division. This division will include some top women's teams as well as other lady ballers who want to test their skills against great competition. We will organize the women's division based on skill level and number of registrations in a way to get the most competitive and evenly matched games whether you're a pro or new to the scene.

  • Women's Intermediate 3.0: Women are welcome to play in any division. If you are a newer lady baller or still honing your skills, this is the division for you. We will organize the women's division based on skill level and number of registrations in a way to get the most competitive and evenly matched games whether you're a pro or new to the scene.

  • Mixed Advanced 4.0: Mixed (Coed) teams are able to compete in any Open divisions. At certain events, Mixed is also offered as a separate division.Be ready for some fierce competition against some of the best players in Women's and Open!

  • Mixed Intermediate 3.0: Mixed (Coed) teams are able to compete in any Open divisions. At certain events, Mixed is also offered as a separate division. This division is friendly for newer players not yet ready to take on the best of the best Mixed teams.

  • Youth: Must be registered in jr high or high school for the school year of the tournament being hosted. 

*Divisions must have a minimum of 5 teams to play. If there are less than 5 teams that sign up for any division, you will have a choice to merge with another division.*

Facilities & Equipment

Roudnet Alberta rents all facilities from private organizations. As tenants, players must respect the standards and rules of each facility:

  • Alcohol consumption and smoking is prohibited on or around the playing surfaces, or in the parking lots. Offending players are subject to the Facility fine policy, by-law fines from the City or removal from Leagues.

  • Public urination is illegal and players are expected to use the washroom facilities provided.

  • All public by-laws apply when using the playing surfaces; including, excessive noise or music, offensive language, littering, etc.

  • Be respectful to homeowners, community residents or anyone else who is sharing the courts or surrounding area.

  • Players are responsible for property damage they cause including surrounding houses, cars or property.

Any player who causes Roundnet Alberta to receive a complaint regarding a field rented by Roundnet Alberta will receive a $100 fine and may be ejected from the League. 

All equipment will be provided and setup ahead of time. Games will be played on Spikeball Pro nets and serving markers provided when ever possible. 

Facilities & Equipment

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations & Refunds


In order to receive a refund for withdrawal from a tournament, a team must submit intent to withdraw in writing a minimum of 7 business days prior to the registration deadline. Submissions received after the deadline but 2 days prior to the start of the tournament are eligible for a 50% refund. No refunds will be provided if no notice has been given, or notice is given with less than 2 days notice. 

All refunds may be subject to a $5 or 5% whichever is higher administration fee.


If Roundnet Alberta needs to cancel a league for any reason teams will be contacted with as much notice as possible. Refunds will be provided to all teams. All refunds may be subject to a $5 or 5% whichever is higher administration fee. 

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