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David van den Bijgaart


Austin Bueckert

Vice President

Walter Bonilla


Andrew Seal


Eddie Diaz



Roundnet Alberta officially took shape on March 30, 2021, thanks to the unwavering commitment of David van den Bijgaart and Austin Bueckert. Prior to its inception, both David and Austin had been tirelessly dedicated to spreading the joys of Roundnet throughout Alberta. Their shared aspiration was to witness the sport flourish and gain legitimacy within the region.

Their persistent efforts yielded remarkable results. The Roundnet community in Alberta continues to expand steadily, with an increasing number of enthusiasts becoming members. The organization, once a passion-driven endeavour,  hosts an array of tournaments and leagues, providing platforms for players of all levels to come together, compete, and foster a sense of community.

Throughout the year, Roundnet Alberta orchestrates lively pickup games, creating opportunities for both new and seasoned players to engage in friendly matches and hone their skills. This grassroots approach further solidifies the sport's presence and resonance within the community.

Buoyed by their achievements, Roundnet Alberta is setting its sights on an even more promising future. Plans are in motion to introduce new initiatives, expand its outreach, and continue serving as a hub for Roundnet enthusiasts across Alberta. As Roundnet Alberta continues to evolve, its commitment to nurturing the sport's growth remains unwavering, ensuring that the joy of Roundnet reaches an ever-widening audience.


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